Professional Parties

Stressing over planning your event? Were here to help.

We will supply your event with the equipment or staff you will need to help eliminate and prevent viruses and bacteria.

The latest in disease prevention.

Ultraviolet-C Lights

FDA approved UVC lights that disinfect surfaces instantly.

Hand Sanitizer

Our staff will be equipped with sanitizing dispensers!

Face Masks

We can provide face mask stations for your guests who do not have their own.


Have a designated staff member checking guests temperatures before entry.

We understand there are things that should be celebrated…

With the current state of things it is more than a health risk to have a social gathering, its become a moral dilemma as well! Our new mission is mitigate risks as much as science will allow and hopefully reduce the risk of social gatherings while still being able to celebrate life and the ones we love.

Reach out to one of our party specialists for a quote